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X-ray radiography based on the phase-contrast imaging with using LiF detector

Journal of Physics: Conference Series IOP Publishing 1787 (2021)

S Makarov, T Pikuz, A Buzmakov, A Chernyaev, P Mabey, T Vinci, G Rigon, B Albertazzi, A Casner, V Bouffetier, R Kodama, K Katagiri, N Kamimura, Y Umeda, N Ozaki, E Falize, O Poujade, T Togashi, M Yabashi, Y Inubushi, K Miyanishi, K Sueda, M Manuel, G Gregori, M Koenig

An x-ray radiography technique based upon phase contrast imaging using a lithium fluoride detector has been demonstrated for goals of high energy density physics experiments. Based on the simulation of propagation an x-ray free-electron laser beam through a test-object, the visibility of phase-contrast image depending on an object-detector distance was investigated. Additionally, the metrological capabilities of a lithium fluoride crystal as a detector were demonstrated.

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