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ANTARES and IceCube Combined Search for Neutrino Point-like and Extended Sources in the Southern Sky

The Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics American Astronomical Society (2020)

ANTARES Collaboration, A Albert, M André, M Anghinolfi, G Anton, M Ardid, J-J Aubert, J Aublin, B Baret, S Basa, B Belhorma, V Bertin, S Biagi, M Bissinger, J Boumaaza, S Bourret, M Bouta, MC Bouwhuis, H Brânzaş, R Bruijn, J Brunner, J Busto, A Capone, L Caramete, M Chabab, S SARKAR, I Collaboration

A search for point-like and extended sources of cosmic neutrinos using data collected by the ANTARES and IceCube neutrino telescopes is presented. The data set consists of all the track-like and shower-like events pointing in the direction of the Southern Sky included in the nine-year ANTARES point-source analysis, combined with the through-going track-like events used in the seven-year IceCube point-source search. The advantageous field of view of ANTARES and the large size of IceCube are exploited to improve the sensitivity in the Southern Sky by a factor $\sim$2 compared to both individual analyses. In this work, the Southern Sky is scanned for possible excesses of spatial clustering, and the positions of preselected candidate sources are investigated. In addition, special focus is given to the region around the Galactic Centre, whereby a dedicated search at the location of SgrA* is performed, and to the location of the supernova remnant RXJ 1713.7-3946. No significant evidence for cosmic neutrino sources is found and upper limits on the flux from the various searches are presented.

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