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Analytic results for color-singlet production at NNLO QCD with the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme

European Physical Journal C Springer Nature 79 (2019) 386

F Caola, K Melnikov, R Roentsch

We present analytic formulas that describe the fully-differential production of color-singlet final states in qq¯ and gg annihilation, including all the relevant partonic channels, through NNLO QCD. We work within the nested soft-collinear scheme, which allows the fully local subtraction of infrared divergences. We demonstrate analytic cancellation of soft and collinear poles and present formulas for the finite parts of all integrated subtraction terms. These results provide an important building block for calculating NNLO QCD corrections to arbitrary processes at hadron colliders within the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme.

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