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High redshift radio galaxies and divergence from the CMB dipole

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press 471 (2017) 1045-1055

J Colin, R Mohayaee, M Rameez, S Sarkar

Previous studies have found our velocity in the rest frame of radio galaxies at high redshift to be much larger than that inferred from the dipole anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background. We construct a full sky catalogue, NVSUMSS, by merging the NRAO VLA Sky Survey and the Sydney University Molonglo Sky Survey catalogues and removing local sources by various means including cross-correlating with the 2MASS Redshift Survey catalogue. We take into account both aberration and Doppler boost to deduce our velocity from the hemispheric number count asymmetry, as well as via a three-dimensional linear estimator. Both its magnitude and direction depend on cuts made to the catalogue, e.g. on the lowest source flux; however these effects are small. From the hemispheric number count asymmetry we obtain a velocity of 1729 ± 187 km s−1, i.e. about four times larger than that obtained from the cosmic microwave background dipole, but close in direction, towards RA=149° ± 2°, Dec. = −17° ± 12°. With the three-dimensional estimator, the derived velocity is 1355 ± 174 km s−1 towards RA = 141° ± 11°, Dec. = −9° ± 10°. We assess the statistical significance of these results by comparison with catalogues of random distributions, finding it to be 2.81σ (99.75 per cent confidence).

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