New accounts

Windows accounts

Windows accounts will be in the physics domain.

Please Note!
Files saved on the local 'C:\' drive are not backed up and may be removed at any time. Only files saved on the 'H:\' or 'U:\' drives are guaranteed to be kept and backed up.

To change your initial password, login using your initial password supplied. Press Control, Alt and Del simultaneously then select the change password option.

Use Exceed to get an X session on to the UNIX servers.

Unix accounts

The general purpose Linux Servers are and pplxint11

pplxint10 & 11 run CentOS 7 these provide interactive access for program development. Long jobs can be submitted to the batch system from here.

Please change initial passwords.

You can ssh into these systems from outside the physics department.

Physics Department Computing Policy

Use of these accounts is conditional upon signing the Physics Department Computing Policy
Details of which can be found on
(you should have been asked to sign a form when you arrived, if not please see Kim Proudfoot or Sue Geddes).