Publications associated with Oxford Centre for High Energy Density Science (OxCHEDS)

Production of photoionized plasmas in the laboratory with x-ray line radiation.

Physical review. E 97 (2018) 063203-

S White, R Irwin, JR Warwick, GF Gribakin, G Sarri, FP Keenan, D Riley, SJ Rose, EG Hill, GJ Ferland, B Han, F Wang, G Zhao

In this paper we report the experimental implementation of a theoretically proposed technique for creating a photoionized plasma in the laboratory using x-ray line radiation. Using a Sn laser plasma to irradiate an Ar gas target, the photoionization parameter, ξ=4πF/N_{e}, reached values of order 50ergcms^{-1}, where F is the radiation flux in ergcm^{-2}s^{-1}. The significance of this is that this technique allows us to mimic effective spectral radiation temperatures in excess of 1 keV. We show that our plasma starts to be collisionally dominated before the peak of the x-ray drive. However, the technique is extendable to higher-energy laser systems to create plasmas with parameters relevant to benchmarking codes used to model astrophysical objects.

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