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Characterisation of deuterium spectra from laser driven multi-species sources by employing differentially filtered image plate detectors in Thomson spectrometers.

The Review of scientific instruments 85 (2014) 093303-

A Alejo, S Kar, H Ahmed, AG Krygier, D Doria, R Clarke, J Fernandez, RR Freeman, J Fuchs, A Green, JS Green, D Jung, A Kleinschmidt, CLS Lewis, JT Morrison, Z Najmudin, H Nakamura, G Nersisyan, P Norreys, M Notley, M Oliver, M Roth, JA Ruiz, L Vassura, M Zepf, M Borghesi

A novel method for characterising the full spectrum of deuteron ions emitted by laser driven multi-species ion sources is discussed. The procedure is based on using differential filtering over the detector of a Thompson parabola ion spectrometer, which enables discrimination of deuterium ions from heavier ion species with the same charge-to-mass ratio (such as C(6+), O(8+), etc.). Commonly used Fuji Image plates were used as detectors in the spectrometer, whose absolute response to deuterium ions over a wide range of energies was calibrated by using slotted CR-39 nuclear track detectors. A typical deuterium ion spectrum diagnosed in a recent experimental campaign is presented, which was produced from a thin deuterated plastic foil target irradiated by a high power laser.

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