Publications associated with Intense X-ray-Matter Interactions

Saturable absorption of an x-ray free-electron-laser heated solid-density aluminum plasma.

Physical review letters 114 (2015) 015003-

DS Rackstraw, O Ciricosta, SM Vinko, B Barbrel, T Burian, J Chalupský, BI Cho, H-K Chung, GL Dakovski, K Engelhorn, V Hájková, P Heimann, M Holmes, L Juha, J Krzywinski, RW Lee, S Toleikis, JJ Turner, U Zastrau, JS Wark

High-intensity x-ray pulses from an x-ray free-electron laser are used to heat and probe a solid-density aluminum sample. The photon-energy-dependent transmission of the heating beam is studied through the use of a photodiode. Saturable absorption is observed, with the resulting transmission differing significantly from the cold case, in good agreement with atomic-kinetics simulations.

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