Publications associated with Intense X-ray-Matter Interactions

Radiation emission of autoionising hole states of Al induced by XUV free electron laser radiation with FLASH at DESY

36th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics 2009, EPS 2009 - Europhysics Conference Abstracts 33 E1 (2009) 569-572

E Galtier, FB Rosmej, D Riley, T Dzelzainis, P Heinmann, FY Khattak, RW Lee, B Nagler, A Nelson, T Tschentscher, SM Vinko, T Whitcher, S Toleikis, R Fäustlin, L Juha, M Fajardo, JS Wark, J Chalupsky, V Hajkova, J Krzywinski, R Soberierski, M Jurek, M Kozlova

The analysis of the radiative properties of plasmas created by XUV and X-ray free electron laser radiations provides a tremendous challenge to researchers to investigate matter under extreme conditions. In the present work we report about the theoretical analysis of the radiation emission of Al heated by the interaction of 10 fs focused (1 μm) free electron laser radiation at 13.5 nm at intensities of about 1016 W/cm2. The data show strong resonance line emission 3l -2l′ from Ne-like Al but also numerous intense broad emission structures in the spectral range from 10-30 nm. Atomic structure analysis indicate that these emission structures might originate from multiple excited states with L-holes. By means of a genetic algorithm we analyze possible excitation channels driven directly by the FLASH free electron laser as well as by heated plasma electrons.

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