Publications associated with High Energy Density Physics and Inertial Fusion Energy

Soft X-ray backlighter source driven by a short-pulse laser for pump-probe characterization of warm dense matter.

The Review of scientific instruments 89 (2018) 10F122-

C McGuffey, M Dozières, J Kim, A Savin, J Park, J Emig, C Brabetz, L Carlson, RF Heeter, HS McLean, J Moody, MB Schneider, MS Wei, FN Beg

Here we propose a pump-probe X-ray absorption spectroscopy temperature measurement technique appropriate for matter having temperature in the range of 10 to a few 100 eV and density up to solid density. Atomic modeling simulations indicate that for various low- to mid-Z materials in this range the energy and optical depth of bound-bound and bound-free absorption features are sensitive to temperature. We discuss sample thickness and tamp layer considerations. A series of experimental investigations was carried out using a range of laser parameters with pulse duration ≤5 ps and various pure and alloyed materials to identify backlighter sources suitable for the technique.

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