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New limits on double electron capture of 40 Ca and 180 W

Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics Institute of Physics 43 (2016) 095202-

A Erb, N Ferreiro Iachellini, A Gütlein, C Isaila, M Kiefer, H Kraus, F Pröbst, S Roth, C Sailer, A Tanzke, T-H Ho, A Ulrich, M Willers, M Wüstrich, G Angloher, M Bauer, P Bauer, I Bavykina, ACSSM Bento, C Bucci, L Canonica, C Ciemniak, X Defay, G Deuter, F von Feilitzsch

We analyzed low-background data from the CRESST-II experiment with a total net exposure of 730 kg days to extract limits on double electron capture processes. We established new limits for 40Ca with T1/22v2K > 9.9 × 1021 y and T1/20v2EC > 1.4 × 1022 y and for 180W T1/22v/2K > 3.1 × 1019 with y and T1/20v2ED > 9.4 × 1018 y at 90% CL. Depending on the process, these values improve the currently best limits by a factor of ∼1.4-30.

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