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Mott, Floquet, and the response of periodically driven Anderson insulators

Physical Review B 98 (2018)

DT Liu, JT Chalker, V Khemani, SL Sondhi

© 2018 American Physical Society. We consider periodically driven Anderson insulators. The short-time behavior for weak, monochromatic, uniform electric fields is given by linear response theory and was famously derived by Mott. We go beyond this to consider both long times - which is the physics of Floquet late time states - and strong electric fields. This results in a "phase diagram" in the frequency-field strength plane, in which we identify four distinct regimes. These are a linear response regime dominated by preexisting Mott resonances, which exists provided Floquet saturation is not reached within a period; a nonlinear perturbative regime, which exhibits multiphoton-absorption in response to the field; a near-adiabatic regime, which exhibits a primarily reactive response spread over the entire sample and is insensitive to preexisting resonances; and finally an enhanced dissipative regime.

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