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How order melts after quantum quenches

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 101 (2020) 41110

M Collura, FHL Essler

© 2020 American Physical Society. Injecting a sufficiently large energy density into an isolated many-particle system prepared in a state with long-range order will lead to the melting of the order over time. Detailed information about this process can be derived from the quantum mechanical probability distribution of the order parameter. We study this process for the paradigmatic case of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain. We determine the full quantum mechanical distribution function of the staggered subsystem magnetization as a function of time after a quantum quench from the classical Néel state. We establish the existence of an interesting regime at intermediate times that is characterized by a very broad probability distribution. Based on our findings we propose a simple general physical picture of how long-range order melts.

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