Atomic and Laser Physics

We research the interaction of light and matter over an enormous range of conditions, from high-energy plasmas created by the most powerful lasers in the world, to the coherent manipulation of single quantum particles for implementing quantum information processing, to the creation of exotic states of quantum matter such as Bose-Einstein condensation.

Research themes

Laser science & optical metrology

We develop and use laser-based techniques for studying fundamental physics and to probe the properties of challenging environments such as combusting gases.


Laser-plasma & ultrafast x-ray science

We explore high-intensity light-matter interactions & use ultrafast optical and x-ray pulses to probe exotic states of matter.

Group Leaders

Quantum information, quantum optics and ultracold atoms

We exploit quantum mechanical superposition and entanglement to manipulate information in ways not allowed in the classical world, and to study the interactions of atoms and photons at the single-particle level.

Group Leaders

Other research groups

Other groups in Atomic and Laser Physics

Frontiers of Quantum Physics

Vlatko Vedral

Plasma Accelerators

Plasma Theory

Michael Barnes, James Binney, Felix Parra Diaz, Subir Sarkar, Alexander Schekochihin, Steven Balbus, Garret Cotter, Julien Devriendt, Philipp Podsiadlowski, Adrianne Slyz, Caroline Terquem, Tony Bell, Gianluca Gregori, Peter Norreys, Steven Rose, Paul Dellar

Quantum Information