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A prototype for the evolution of ATLAS EventIndex based on Apache Kudu storage

EPJ Web of Conferences EDP Sciences 214 (2019)

E Gallas, AF Casani, Z Baranowski, L Canali, CG Montoro, J Hrivnac, S Gonzalez De La Hoz, F Prokoshin, G Rybkine, J Salt, J Sanchez, D Barberis

The ATLAS EventIndex has been in operation since the beginning of LHC Run 2 in 2015. Like all software projects, its components have been constantly evolving and improving in performance. The main data store in Hadoop, based on MapFiles and HBase, can work for the rest of Run 2 but new solutions are explored for the future. Kudu offers an interesting environment, with a mixture of BigData and relational database features, which look promising at the design level. This environment is used to build a prototype to measure the scaling capabilities as functions of data input rates, total data volumes and data query and retrieval rates. In this proceedings we report on the selected data schemas and on the current performance measurements with the Kudu prototype.

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