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Doped-carbazolocarbazoles as hole transporting materials in small molecule solar cells with different architectures

Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications 17 (2014) 28-32

D Curiel, MM Montoya, M Hummert, M Riede, K Leo

© 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.The adaptation of interfacial layers to the stacked architecture of organic solar cells represents a very useful strategy for improved device operation. In this context, heteroacenic structures such as carbazolocarbazoles have been doped and evaluated as hole transporting materials in small molecule solar cell with either inverted or conventional architecture. S-kinks in the IV-curve detected for the inverted solar cells could be remarkably corrected by reversing the deposition sequence, highlighting the importance of buffer layer adjustment. Some of the studied carbazolocarbazoles proved to be a suitable molecule to be used as hole transporting materials.

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