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Highly efficient p-dopants in amorphous hosts

Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications 15 (2014) 365-371

T Menke, D Ray, H Kleemann, MP Hein, K Leo, M Riede

We study the influence of the molecular energy levels on doped organic layers, using four different combinations of two amorphous hosts (MeO-TPD and BF-DPB) and two efficient p-dopants (F 6 -TCNNQ and C 60 F 36 ). Conductivity and Seebeck studies are performed in situ, varying the doping concentration over more than two orders of magnitude. Whereas trends of doping are in agreement with the hosts' energy levels, trends deviate from the expectation based on the dopants' energy levels. A lower limit for the mobility can be derived from conductivity data, which for samples of F 6 -TCNNQ increases with doping, even exceeding the measured OFET-mobility of intrinsic MeO-TPD. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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