The future of physics

19 August 2020

The Oxford Physics Endowment for Graduates (OXPEG) was established in 2016 to provide scholarships and flexible support for our graduate students. Every year, some 100 students join the Department of Physics to undertake postgraduate studies. We are exceptionally proud of the breadth and depth of opportunities that we offer our students and we are able to attract some of the brightest minds in the world. Our DPhil students have the chance to work alongside established experts conducting authoritative research with an international audience. They bring to their studies a fresh perspective, their insatiable curiosity and passion to further society’s understanding of our Universe.

OXPEG helps to ensure that our doors are open to all and thanks to the generosity of a whole host of visionary donors, four students started their DPhils last year focusing on understanding the spiral structure of galaxies; studying the evolution of galaxies; detecting an ultra-rare form of radioactive decay; and establishing the physics of inhomogeneous DNA under twist and tension.

‘Being a part of this diverse and highly committed community of researchers and students is extremely important to the multi-disciplinary nature of my work. It enables me to draw fresh insights on a wide variety of topics, whether through one of the numerous seminars or talking to fellow students and researchers over informal gatherings. I consider myself fortunate to be able to work on new fundamental physics that is also real-world relevant. This would not be possible without an OXPEG studentship.’
Wilber Lim, OXPEG scholar

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