Kerri Donaldson Hanna awarded the Royal Astronomical Society 2018 Winton Award for Geophysics

21 February 2018

Congratulation to Dr Kerri Donaldson Hanna who has been awarded the 2018 Winton Award for Geophysics by the Royal Astronomical Society.

Dr Donaldson Hanna obtained her PhD from Brown University in the United States before coming to Oxford Physics, where she now holds a UK Space Agency Aurora Fellowship and a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Christchurch College. Dr Donaldson Hanna is a planetary scientist who specialises in the study of the surface compositions of the rocky, airless bodies through infrared remote sensing. Dr Donaldson Hanna has led work in combining data sets across multiple wavelength ranges, with particular success in analysis of the lunar crust and asteroid surfaces

She is currently playing a central role on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission to return a sample of asteroid Bennu to Earth in 2022 and was named a Participating Scientist in the mission in December 2017. Dr Donaldson Hanna’s work in the field of laboratory thermal infrared spectroscopy will also help underpin the quantitative interpretation of remote sensing data that will be obtained by a wide range of future space missions.

Dr Donaldson Hanna has also proved to be an enthusiastic collaborator and mentor for young planetary scientists and worked with local schools through a recent Royal Society Partnership grant.

You can find more details of the award here