Shine at Stargazing Oxford

10 February 2018


Since 2015 installation artist Tim Fitzpatrick has been collaborating with Dr Anne-Marie Weijmans of the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of St Andrews and the result has been the evolving art/science project ‘Shine’. After nearly 3 years the collaboration has now been experienced by thousands of people at events and exhibitions across the UK (and now in North and South America) and in January this year Tim and Anne-Marie were very pleased to be able to present a new version of the work as part of the stargazing event at the Denys Wilkinson Building.


Anne-Marie’s work as lead observer with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has been the starting point for Tim’s art and this has led him to explore the science of spectroscopy and in particular the existence of emission and absorption spectra. His fascination with the extraordinary level of detail - and therefore information - contained in a spectrum of starlight, has led him to tap into what he regards as the linguistics of the light of the universe and, by extension, how we read the story of the universe as contained in a series of codes.


In the process of interpreting the science through art forms, and particularly in taking part in events such as the recent stargazing at Oxford University, Tim and Anne-Marie are increasingly aware of the cross platform potential of their collaboration and of being able to reach out to far wider audiences than alone in their separate fields. The Shine project aims to continue to develop and strengthen this outreach element as it progresses over the next 2 to 3 years.


The exhibition is currently on Level 5 of the Denys Wilkinson Building and can viewed by staff and students in the Department until March.