Chris Lintott awarded The Beatrice Tinsley Prize

17 January 2014

Chris Lintott has been awarded the Beatrice M. Tinsley Prize of the American Astronomical Society for the creation of the Zooniverse. The award is in recognition of the citizen science programs at, which have led nearly a million people to discover and classify galaxies, planets and star clusters.

The first project, Galaxy Zoo, was launched in 2007 and we now support more than twenty projects in astronomy and other disciplines.

The most recent astronomy project saw more than 8 million images viewed in less than 48 hours; that was last week when we relaunched in conjunction with the BBC’s Stargazing Live show.

Citizen science will be a key part of data processing for future telescopes and facilities, in particular the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope which the department is heavily involved in.

Congratulations to Chris and the Zooniverse team.