Professor James Binney is awarded the RAS Eddington Medal 2013

11 January 2013

The Eddington Medal is awarded for investigations of outstanding merit in astrophysics and in 2013 is awarded to Professor James Binney from the University of Oxford, in recognition of his fundamental and enduring contributions to galactic astrophysics. Prof. Binney’s research has delivered critical and influential insights into the roles of rotation and the range of movement of stars in the flattening of elliptical galaxies; the modelling and consequences of cooling of material in clusters of galaxies; the use of the motion of local stars to infer the evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy; the presence of bulges and warps in galaxies; modelling of the mass of galaxies; and the flow of material onto galaxies.

The rigour of Prof. Binney’s approach to science, the skill with which he combines mathematical analysis, numerical simulation, physical insight and observational constraints, and his ability both to generate novel and exciting ideas, and to recognise when an idea may need to be abandoned, have combined to make him one of the leading theorists of his generation, and a truly worthy recipient of the Eddington Medal.

(This article appeared in the Royal Astronomical Society's website on 11/1/13, more details and for other awards in 2013, look in the RAS's website here)