Armchair Travel with Prof Roger Davies

14 Dec 2020 - 3:45pm
Oxford & Cambridge Universities Alumni

'Armchair Travel: Curious Physicists' by Prof Roger Davies

(Note: this is an external event, organised by the central University of Oxford Alumni Office and Last Frontiers, aimed at University Alumni from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge)

Join another instalment of armchair travel as Last Frontiers hosts a talk with our very own Professor Roger Davies, Philip Wetton Professor of Astrophysics & Director of the Hintze Centre for Astrophysical Surveys. Roger has previously accompanied a total solar eclipse tour to Chile and will be the trip scholar on next year’s Astronomy & Wine tour to Argentina.

Roger will explain how the 2020 recipients of the Nobel Prize for Physics (which included Oxford mathematician Sir Roger Penrose) showed that black holes were predicted by Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and how they were able to demonstrate the existence of such a super-massive black hole at the heart of our own galaxy. The first test of General Relativity was made by measuring the deflection of light during the 1919 solar eclipse. During the talk a total solar eclipse will cross Chile and Argentina which participants should be able to watch on the internet along with the presentation.

Please note that the registration process and event is organised by Last Frontiers. Your attendance at the event will be shared with the University by Last Frontiers.
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