Key Stage 3 Physics Challenge Day (Magnetism)

1 Feb 2019 - 9:15am to 2:30pm
University of Oxford, Department of Education, 15 Norham Gardens, Oxford, OX2 6PY
School or home schooled pupils (Key Stage 3 students only)


Students: Schools are invited to bring two teams of five students at Key Stage 3 (typically from Year 9)
Schools: Priority given to schools in the Oxford Ogden Trust School Partnership.
Cost: Free
Parking: Space is very limited. Please indicate on the application form if you need a minibus parking place.


The Key Stage 3 Physics Challenge Day aims to:

  • Focus on core physics concepts
  • Develop knowledge of applied physics and practical skills
  • Experience problem solving
  • Apply subject knowledge to both real world situations and in understanding university-level concepts
  • Encourage the take up of triple award science or Physics A level / IB
  • Motivate students to attend science clubs or wider interest in science

Physics Challenge Day Summary

Students will complete a series of activities and technological challenges, all of which are designed to explore magnetism and electromagnetism, and specifically to enable them to:

  • Undertake hands on experiments, taking pupils beyond typical school activities
  • Explore new concepts and progress problem solving skills with the support of Oxford University Physics graduate students
  • Take an alternative approach to key concepts in Physics to strengthen core and develop advanced understanding
  • Work collaboratively with peers
  • Develop the ability to explain ideas clearly

Pupils in previous years have enjoyed (to mention just a few highlighted moments):

  • Experimenting with liquid nitrogen cooled magnets
  • Taking a journey to the center of the Earth
  • Exploring the Sun’s magnetic field
  • Making their own loud speaker
  • Exploring practical apparatus and new ideas with graduate students (peer mentoring)

The Physics Key Stage 3 Challenge Day is sponsored by the Ogden Trust and has been developed by the Oxford Ogden Trust School Partnership in collaboration with the Oxford Physics and Education Departments.

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