The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids

25 Sep 2015 - 11:15am to 5:35pm
Atmospheric Physics Building
Specialised / research interest

A meeting on the theme of "The Dynamics of Rotating Fluids" will be held on Friday 25 September 2015 in the Dobson Room (1st Floor of the Atmospheric Physics building on the Oxford Science Area). The programme is as follows:

11.15am David Marshall (AOPP, Oxford)
The Physics of eddy saturation in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

11.40am Ted Johnson (UCL)
Eddy formation through topographic transformation of shelf waves

12.05pm Pavel Berloff (Imperial College)
Linear-dynamics control of mesoscale eddies

12.30pm Dan Jones (British Antarctic Survey)
What sets isopycnal slope in the Southern Ocean?

12.45pm Lunch break

1.45pm Mike Bell (Met Office)
A simple dynamical model of meridional overturning circulations driven by Ekman upwelling and surface heat fluxes

2.10pm Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough)
Modulational stability/instability of quasi-harmonic wave-trains in rotating fluids

2.35pm S.P. Nikitenkova, N.N. Singh and Y.A. Stepanyants (Toowoomba, Australia)
Modulational stability/instability of quasi-harmonic wave-trains in rotating fluids

3.00pm Andreas Klocker (IMAS, University of Tasmania)
Wave-turbulence-mean flow interaction in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current

3.25pm Tea/Coffee

3.55pm Elnaz Naghibi (QMUL)
The effect of ocean circulations on the Earth's Chandler wobble: the stabilizing role of the oceanic turbulence

4.20pm Mike Cullen (Met Office)
Horizontal and vertical spectra from the UM, and the effects of stratified turbulence

4.45pm Yufeng Lin (Cambridge)
Precession driven flows in planetary cores

5.10pm Adrian Barker (Cambridge)
Tidal flows in extrasolar planets

5.35pm Close

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