OxWiP Committee positions

Elections will be held at the end of Hilary Term for appointments starting in Michaelmas Term of the same calendar year.

The positions of the President, Treasurer, and Secretary must be held by three different people. Whereas, the other positions can be combined.


The President is the main contact for the OxWiP society and upholds the society's vision while motivating the committee. In addition, the President chairs General Meetings, oversees committee member tasks and provides help where needed, and serves as the Equality and Diversity’s Women in Physics Society representative unless delegated to another member. The President also ensures proper communication with the department regarding emails, funding, and society interests; this includes reporting on the society to the Equality and Diversity committee (as necessary, but formal report annually).
Typically held by a postdoc.

Vice President

The role of the VP is to help the President fulfill their duties and may require sending emails on behalf of the society, delegating tasks when necessary, and attending meetings when necessary.
Typically held by a DPhil/postdoc.


The main duty of the Treasurer is to keep track of expenditures and liaison with the department regarding society funding. The department contact is the Executive to Head of Department (currently Niamh Coll). The Treasurer also drafts budget for the academic year, handles expenses and sorts reimbursements, and helps to recruit additional funding if necessary.
Open to all levels.


The Secretary hosts the General Meetings which includes booking the meeting room, scheduling meeting times and sending reminders, and taking the minutes and distributing them.
Open to all levels.

Events Coordinator(s)

Social events are the most important aspect of the society-- it provides women with the opportunity to network and create a welcoming community. Increased socialisation with peers can boost confidence, improve awareness of career opportunities, and provide women with a break from their daily work. In an effort to fulfil these goals, the Event Coordinator(s) organises:

  • Tea sessions
  • Banquet dinner(s) ideally at a college hall
  • Picnic in Trinity
  • Christmas Lunch
  • Proposes additional ideas for events
  • Running 'Snack and Solve' in conjunction with the undergraduate representative

In general, the events coordinator(s) works closely with the physics staff to arrange catering, advertises events through email & social media, and organises sign-up documents for lunch/dinner events.
Open to all levels, undergrads especially encouraged!

Mentoring Progamme Coordinator(s)

The OxWiP Mentoring Programme is headed by the Coordinator(s) who facilitates the success of the programme by managing pairings and enabling positive relationships between mentors and mentees. Specifically, the Coordinator will pair mentors with mentees and ensure individual concerns of mentees are sufficiently addressed.
Typically one undergrad to manage the undergraduate mentoring programme, and one DPhil/postdoc to manage the OxWiP mentoring programme.

IT Officer

The main duty of the IT Officer is to ensure that the society webpage is up to date and properly reflects the society's interests. The IT Officer should manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts unless delegated to another committee member.
Open to all levels.

The following committee positions do not entail specific duties but provide an opportunity for women to get more involved with the society as representatives:

  • Faculty Representative
  • Staff Representative
  • Undergraduate Representative
  • Graduate Representative
  • Equality and Diversity Represenatitve
  • Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) UK representative