High field magnet facility

The high field magnet facility provides researchers with a number of magnet systems to cover many different experimental techniques.

High field measurements: DPhil students Isabel and Saman transfer liquid helium into a cryostat, while Richard prepares for the next experiment.

What we do

The high field magnet facility enables the Department of Physics to continue its strong track record in high-field, low-temperature experiments on new and novel materials. World-class superconducting magnets provide steady fields up to 21 T, while liquid helium cryogenic systems allow access to temperatures in the millikelvin range. In addition, the Nicholas Kurti Magnetic Field Laboratory supplies the UK's highest available magnet fields by the use of pulsed magnet technology. Experimental techniques possible in our magnet systems include magnetometry, electronic transport and optical measurements.

A 25 T horizontal-field split pulsed magnet with a variable pulse length of 30 -120 ms.

The facilities we offer are:

  1. Mobile superconducting magnet systems up to 21 T
  2. Custom-built superconductive magnets dedicated to individual experiments
  3. A pulsed field facility, the Nicholas Kurti Magnetic Field Laboratory
  4. Transport critical current measurements on superconductors at currents up to 500 A in a continuous field of up to 21 T
  5. Coil winding and vacuum impregnation expertise
  6. High field support
  7. High strength wire drawing facilities
  8. Extensive expertise in adhesives and non-metallic composities at low temperatures

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