Infrared Multilayer Laboratory

Experts in thin film optical coatings

Infrared Multilayer Laboratory
The Infrared Multilayer Laboratory is engaged in the research, development and supply of specialist high-quality infrared optics; ranging from coatings for single optical components to the complete spectral design and manufacture of complex atmospheric sensing and ground based astronomical instruments. The laboratory has a spaceflight heritage of contributions of infrared optics to many of the most progressive scientific instrument programmes in the study of atmospheric and planetary science.

The laboratory is available to design and manufacture custom infrared optics across the 2 to 45µm waveband to your specification on a wide variety of substrate materials and sizes to suit your needs.

The expertise of the laboratory is founded on a small team of highly skilled engineers operating in a research and development environment to deliver spaceflight quality high-performance filters and coatings across the mid-infrared region, most often for use at cryogenic temperatures.

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