Electronics Design and Workshop

We specialise in custom design of electronics systems from prototype to small production series.

We will translate your ideas into working designs and will work closely with you allowing you to adjust your requirements as the R&D phase proceeds so you end up with the product that you need.

We cover a wide variety of electronics.

If you would like to discuss your requirement, feel free to contact us.

What we do

  • Design, Manufacture and commissioning of electronics systems
    • Analog, digital, low noise, high speed electronics
    • Data acquisition and control
  • Programming of logic devices like FPGA's and micro-controllers
  • Design, assembly and test of flexible and rigid Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)
  • Assembly of fibre optic components.
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electronics repair first port of call.
  • Electrical (PAT) Safety Testing

More recently, our full range of services also extends to other Departments where appropriate.

Some background

We have provided electronics engineering support since it was established as a Central Physics Facility in the early nineteen nineties.

We contributed significantly to two large projects for the Large Hadron Collider.


LHCb front-end boardThe LHCb Ring Cherenkov detector (RICH) front-end board, called the L0 board, was designed and prototyped by the electronics team. Several hundred boards were tested in-house.


SCT assembly robotWe contributed to the assembly of the ATLAS Silicon Central Tracker and the infrastructure to allow the assembly.

This included many aspects like:

  • Circuit board designs including flexible circuit designs.
  • Communication ASIC design (Bi-Phase-Mark (BPM))
  • Cabling design
  • Assembly robot redesign and test
  • Assembly of fibres and other optical components
  • Detector module assembly

We also designed electronics to support the ATLAS detector FSI system
Electronics Case Study
First data from the ATLAS Inner Detector FSI Alignment System