Publications by Giulia Zanderighi

W<sup>+</sup>W<sup>-</sup>, WZ and ZZ production in the POWHEG BOX

Journal of High Energy Physics 2011 (2011)

T Melia, P Nason, R Röntsch, G Zanderighi

We present an implementation of the vector boson pair production processes ZZ, W+W- and WZ within the POWHEG framework, which is a method that allows the interfacing of NLO calculations to shower Monte Carlo programs. The implementation is built within the POWHEG BOX package. The Z/γ * interference, as well as singly resonant contributions, are properly included. We also considered interference terms arising from identical leptons in the final state. As a result, all contributions leading to the desired four-lepton system have been included in the calculation, with the sole exception of the interference between ZZ and W+W- in the production of a pair of same-flavour, oppositely charged fermions and a pair of neutrinos, which we show to be fully negligible. Anomalous trilinear couplings can be also set in the program, and we give some examples of their effect at the LHC. We have made the relevant code available at the POWHEG BOX web site. © SISSA 2011.

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