Adam Wright

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Adam Wright

Junior Research Fellow

I've been in the Herz and Johnston groups since 2015, having done my DPhil work here and continuing on as a postdoc studying metal halide perovskites, a class of materials which have recently achieved remarkable success in solar cells. The rapid rate of improvement in the efficiencies of perovskite-based devices has however often outpaced understanding of the electronic processes occurring within these semiconductor materials. My work is concerned with providing insight into the factors influencing electron motion and recombination in a series of hybrid metal halide perovskites, principally using photoluminescence spectroscopy. Such knowledge is essential for the development of higher-performance perovskite-based devices.

My equipment of choice is an iCCD/TCSPC photoluminescence spectroscopy system, but I have dabbled in FTIR spectroscopy and computational modelling of materials. Outside the department, I am a Junior Research Fellow at Mansfield College, and have tutored for Mathematical Methods for 2nd year physicists at Corpus Christi College. My personal interests include tennis, running and augmented-reality games.

I represent the Condensed Matter Physics sub-department on the Physics Post Doc Liaison Committe (PDLC).