Publications by David Williams

The 2018 outburst of BHXB H1743-322 as seen with MeerKAT

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press (OUP) (0)

DRA Williams, SE Motta, R Fender, J Bright, I Heywood, E Tremou, P Woudt, DAH Buckley, S Corbel, M Coriat, T Joseph, L Rhodes, GR Sivakoff, AJVD Horst

In recent years, the black hole candidate X-ray binary system H1743-322 has undergone outbursts and it has been observed with X-ray and radio telescopes. We present 1.3 GHz MeerKAT radio data from the ThunderKAT Large Survey Project on radio transients for the 2018 outburst of H1743-322. We obtain seven detections from a weekly monitoring programme and use publicly available Swift X-ray Telescope and MAXI data to investigate the radio/X-ray correlation of H1743-322 for this outburst. We compare the 2018 outburst with those reported in the literature for this system and find that the X-ray outburst reported is similar to previously reported `hard-only' outbursts. As in previous outbursts, H1743-322 follows the `radio-quiet' correlation in the radio/X-ray plane for black hole X-ray binaries, and the radio spectral index throughout the outburst is consistent with the `radio-quiet' population.

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