Publications by Tony Weidberg

Lessons learned in high frequency data transmission design: ATLAS strips bus tape

Journal of Instrumentation IOP Publishing 12 (2017)

V Fadeyev, J Dopke, AA Grillo, B Lin, F Martinez-Mckinney, J Nielsen, P Phillips, C Sawyer, S Sullivan, J Volk, T Weidberg, R Wastie

Requirements of HEP experiments lead to highly integrated systems with many electrical, mechanical and thermal constraints. A complex performance optimisation is therefore required. High-speed data transmission lines are designed using copper-polyimide flexible bus tapes rather than cable harnesses to minimise radiation length. Methods to improve the signal integrity of point-to-point links and multi-drop configurations in an ultra-low-mass system are described. FEA calculations are an essential guide to the optimisation of a tape design which supports data rates of 640 Mbps for point-to-point links over a length of up to 1.4 m, as well as 160 Mbps for multi-drop configuration. The designs were validated using laboratory measurements of S-parameters and direct bit error ratio tests.

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