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The differential production cross section of the φ(1020) meson in √s = 7 TeV pp collisions measured with the ATLAS detector

European Physical Journal C Springer Berlin Heidelberg 74 (2014) 2895-

A Washbrook, C Wasicki, S Wenig, N Wermes, A White, MJ White, W Wiedenmann, M Wielers, HG Wilkens, JZ Will, M Wittgen, SJ Wollstadt, M Wright, B Wrona, S Xie, C Xu, D Xu, Y Yamazaki, Z Yan, J Ye, S Ye, S Youssef, D Yu, D Zanzi, A Zaytsev

A measurement is presented of the [Formula: see text] production cross section at [Formula: see text] = 7 TeV using [Formula: see text] collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 383 [Formula: see text], collected with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. Selection of [Formula: see text](1020) mesons is based on the identification of charged kaons by their energy loss in the pixel detector. The differential cross section is measured as a function of the transverse momentum, [Formula: see text], and rapidity, [Formula: see text], of the [Formula: see text](1020) meson in the fiducial region 500 [Formula: see text] 1200 MeV, [Formula: see text] 0.8, kaon [Formula: see text] 230 MeV and kaon momentum [Formula: see text] 800 MeV. The integrated [Formula: see text]-meson production cross section in this fiducial range is measured to be [Formula: see text] = 570 [Formula: see text] 8 (stat) [Formula: see text] 66 (syst) [Formula: see text] 20 (lumi) [Formula: see text].

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