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Progress with the single-sided module prototypes for the ATLAS tracker upgrade stave

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 636 (2011)

PP Allport, AA Affolder, F Anghinolfi, R Bates, C Betancourt, C Buttar, JR Carter, G Casse, H Chen, A Chilingarov, JV Civera, A Clark, AP Colijn, W Dabrowski, N Dawson, B Dewilde, S Dhawan, N Dressnandt, M Dwužnik, L Eklund, V Fadeyev, P Farthouat, D Ferrère, H Fox, R French, B Gallop, C García, M Gerling, M Gibson, M Gilchriese, S Gonzalez Sevilla, M Goodrick, A Greenall, AA Grillo, CH Haber, NP Hessey, R Holt, LBA Hommels, K Jakobs, TJ Jones, J Kaplon, J Kierstead, E Koffeman, M Köhler, C Lacasta, D La Marra, Z Li, S Lindgren, D Lynn, P Maddock, K Mahboubi, F Martinez-Mckinney, J Matheson, R Maunu, R McCarthy, M Newcomer, R Nickerson, V O'Shea, S Paganis, U Parzefall, S Pernecker, P Phillips, K Poltorak, D Puldon, D Robinson, HFW Sadrozinski, D Santoyo, S Sattari, D Schamberger, A Seiden, P Sutcliffe, K Swientek, D Tsionou, M Tyndel, Y Unno, G Viehhauser, EG Villani, J Von Wilpert, R Wastie, M Weber, A Weidberg, L Wiik, I Wilmut, M Wormald, J Wright, D Xu

The ATLAS experiment is preparing for the planned luminosity upgrade of the LHC (the super-luminous LHC or sLHC) with a programme of development for tracking able to withstand an order of greater magnitude radiation fluence and much greater hit occupancy rates than the current detector. This has led to the concept of an all-silicon tracker with an enhanced performance pixel-based inner region and short-strips for much of the higher radii. Both sub-systems employ many common technologies, including the proposed stave concept for integrated cooling and support. For the short-strip region, use of this integrated stave concept requires single-sided modules mounted on either side of a thin central lightweight support. Each sensor is divided into four rows of 23.82 mm length strips; within each row, there are 1280 strips of 74.5μm pitch. Well over a hundred prototype sensors are being delivered by Hamamatsu Photonics (HPK) to Japan, Europe and the US. We present results of the first 20 chip ABCN25 ASIC hybrids for these sensors, results of the first prototype 5120 strip module built with 40 ABCN25 read-out ASICs, and the status of the hybrids and modules being developed for the ATLAS tracker upgrade stave programme. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

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