Muhammad Hamza Waseem

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Muhammad Hamza Waseem

Graduate Student

Muhammad Hamza Waseem is pursuing a DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. His research revolves around quantum magnonics and hybrid quantum systems. During his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering at UET Lahore, Hamza helped develop pedagogical optics experiments at PhysLab, LUMS, and contributed to research on optical metasurfaces at ITU Lahore. His senior year project on quantum physics led to a lab and a book.

Hamza is a staunch advocate of science outreach and public engagement and helps the Khwarizmi Science Society organize the Lahore Science Mela, the biggest annual science festival in Pakistan. He also co-founded Spectra—an online magazine aimed at training popular science writers in Pakistan.

Hamzaʼs academic interests lie in magnetism, optics and science education, but he also enjoys studying mathematics and philosophy. These days, he is quite intrigued by category-theoretic approach to quantum foundations.

  • Introduction to Quantum Information (Hilary 2021)
  • Electromagnetism (Hilary 2021)
  • Classical Mechanics (Michaelmas 2020)
  • Mathematical Geoscience (Michaelmas 2020)
  • Further Quantum Theory (Trinity 2020)
  • Further Quantum Theory (Hilary 2020)
  • Optics and Quantum Theory (Summer 2019)
  • Quantum Optics (Spring 2019)
  • Applied Probability and Statistics (Fall 2018)
  • Semiconductor Devices (Fall 2018)
  • Signals and Systems (Spring 2018)

Major Events

  • Oxford Maths Festival 2020
  • Marie Curious 2020
  • Stargazing Oxford 2020
  • IF Oxford Science + Ideas Festival 2019
  • Lahore Science Mela 2017-19
  • STEM Activities at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore 2018
  • Lab in the Classroom at Government Primary School, G.T. Road, Lahore 2017-18


  • Department of Physics, University of Oxford
  • Oxford Hands-On Science
  • Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
  • Khwarizmi Science Society