Publications by Justin Wark

Recovery of a high-pressure phase formed under laser-driven compression

Physical Review B American Physical Society 102 (2020) 24101

M Gorman, D McGonegle, S Tracy, S Clarke, C Bolme, A Gleason, S Ali, S Hok, C Greeff, P Heighway, K Hulpach, B Glam, E Galtier, H Lee, J Wark, J Eggert, J Wicks, R Smith

The recovery of metastable structures formed at high pressure has been a long-standing goal in the field of condensed matter physics. While laser-driven compression has been used as a method to generate novel structures at high pressure, to date no high-pressure phases have been quenched to ambient conditions. Here we demonstrate, using in situ x-ray diffraction and recovery methods, the successful quench of a high-pressure phase which was formed under laser-driven shock compression. We show that tailoring the pressure release path from a shock-compressed state to eliminate sample spall, and therefore excess heating, increases the recovery yield of the high-pressure ω phase of zirconium from 0% to 48%. Our results have important implications for the quenchability of novel phases of matter demonstrated to occur at extreme pressures using nanosecond laser-driven compression.

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