Publications by Roman Walczak

Layout considerations for a future electron plasma research accelerator facility EuPRAXIA

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment Elsevier 909 (2018) 111-113

PA Walker, RW Assmann, R Brinkmann, E Chiadroni, U Dorda, M Ferrario, D Kocon, B Marchetti, L Pribyl, A Specka, R Walczak

The Horizon 2020 Project EuPRAXIA (“European Plasma Research Accelerator with eXcellence In Applications”) is preparing a conceptual design for a highly compact and cost-effective European facility with multi-GeV electron beams using plasma as the acceleration medium. The design includes two user areas: one for FEL science and one for High Energy Physics (HEP) detector development and other pilot applications. The accelerator facility will be based on a laser and/or a beam driven plasma acceleration approach. This contribution introduces layout considerations of the future plasma accelerator facilities in the context of EuPRAXIA. It compares conventional and novel plasma accelerator facility requirements and presents potential layouts for the future site. Together with performance analysis, cost effectiveness, and targeted user cases of the individual configurations, such layout studies will later enable a ranking of potential configurations. Based on this information the optimal combination of technologies will be defined for the 2019 conceptual design report of the EuPRAXIA facility.

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