Publications by Brian Vlastakis

Black-box superconducting circuit quantization.

Physical review letters 108 (2012) 240502-

SE Nigg, H Paik, B Vlastakis, G Kirchmair, S Shankar, L Frunzio, MH Devoret, RJ Schoelkopf, SM Girvin

We present a semiclassical method for determining the effective low-energy quantum Hamiltonian of weakly anharmonic superconducting circuits containing mesoscopic Josephson junctions coupled to electromagnetic environments made of an arbitrary combination of distributed and lumped elements. A convenient basis, capturing the multimode physics, is given by the quantized eigenmodes of the linearized circuit and is fully determined by a classical linear response function. The method is used to calculate numerically the low-energy spectrum of a 3D transmon system, and quantitative agreement with measurements is found.

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