Publications by Aprajita Verma

Strong lensing considerations for the LSST observing strategy


A Verma, T Collett, GP Smith

Strong gravitational lensing enables a wide range of science: probing cosmography; testing dark matter models; understanding galaxy evolution; and magnifying the faint, small and distant Universe. However to date exploiting strong lensing as a tool for these numerous cosmological and astrophysical applications has been severely hampered by limited sample sized. LSST will drive studies of strongly lensed galaxies, galaxy groups and galaxy clusters into the statistical age. Time variable lensing events, e.g. measuring cosmological time delays from strongly lensed supernovae and quasars, place the strongest constraints on LSST's observing strategy and have been considered in the DESC observing strategy white papers. Here we focus on aspects of `static' lens discovery that will be affected by the observing strategy. In summary, we advocate (1) ensuring comparable (sub-arcsecond) seeing in the g-band as in r and i to facilitate discovery of gravitational lenses, and (2) initially surveying the entire observable extragalactic sky as rapidly as possible to enable early science spanning a broad range of static and transient interests.

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