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Aprajita Verma

Senior Researcher: ELT, Astrophysics & Obs Cosmology

I am Project Scientist for the UK Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) Programme and conduct independent research on galaxies at all redshifts. There's a short profile about my role on STFC's #TeamScience.

I am also currently co-chair of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)'s Strong Lensing Science Collaboration and a member of the Science Working Group and member of he executive group for the UK involvement in LSST.

My research is centred on understanding of the complex processes of galaxy formation and evolution using multi-wavelength data. Current research projects include: physical properties of z>3-6 starburst galaxies (Lyman-break galaxies); low-metallicity starbursts as analogues to high-z LBGs; the starburst-AGN connection in and properties of infrared and sub-mm luminous galaxies; dynamics of z~1 hyper-luminous infrared galaxies and z~2-3 star-forming galaxies; kinematics of powerful z~1 radio galaxies; discovery & follow-up of gravitational lenses selected in the optical and the sub-mm. I am co-founder of the citizen science project to find gravitational lenses Space Warps.

I obtained my PhD from at Imperial College, and was formerly junior science staff in the IR-mm Group at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics before moving to the Sub-department of Astrophysics at Oxford. I have had the privilege to work on leading space- and ground-based telescopes and analyse the data coming from them to better understand our Universe. I have previously chaired the UK Optical and Near-Infrared Users Group as well as being a member and advisor to telescope allocations committees. I am currently also a member of STFC's Astronomy Advisory Panel.

I am a keen supporter and advocate for equality and inclusion. I am member of the Physics Equality & Diversity and the Women in Physics committees. I was also the MPLS divisional representative on the University's Childcare Steering Group in 2015/2016, and have been an invited speaker or participant to various equality and inclusivity events and initiatives.

I enjoy giving public talks and have co-ordinated and participated in a wide range of public outreach events. Please see the outreach tab for more information.

Follow me on Twitter: @aprajitaverma

I give lectures as part of the Graduate Lecture Course in Astrophysics. I have tutored the 4th year Astrophysics and 1st year Optics and supervise DPhil students.

Please take a look at the project on Gravitational Lensing offered for the 2016 DPhil intake. Scroll to the end of the page!

I really enjoy public outreach and engagement activities, and have partiicpated in various events at Oxford, and helped design and man an exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition in 2010.

I have been a STEM ambassador and am active in the department's Equality & Diversity Committee and the Women in Physics Society.

I'm happy to visit schools, societies and groups for talks. Possible topics include: The European Extremely Large Telescope (including the development of large telescopes); Gravitational Lensing & Space Warps; Early galaxies in the young Universe; Obscured Galaxies - the dark side of star formation in the Universe. Please contact me should you wish to arrange a talk or visit.

I have also been interviewed and featured in several media articles and have written a guide to the E-ELT for the media.

Twitter: @aprajitaverma