Publications by Caroline Terquem

Disk dynamics and planet migration

EAS Publications Series 41 (2010) 209-218

CEJMLJ Terquem

We review models of protoplanetary disks. In the earlier stages of evolution, disks are subject to gravitational instabilities that redistribute mass and angular momentum on short timescales. Later on, when the mass of the disk is below ten percent or so of that of the central star, accretion occurs through the magnetorotational instability. The parts of the disks that are not ionized enough to couple to the magnetic field may not accrete or accrete inefficiently. We also review theories of planet migration. Tidal interaction between a disk and an embedded planet leads to angular momentum exchange between the planetary orbital motion and the disk rotation. This results in low mass planets migrating with respect to the gas in the disk, while massive planets open up a gap in the vicinity of their orbit and migrate in as the disk is accreted. © EAS, EDP Sciences, 2010.

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