Publications by Matthias Tecza

Status of the KMOS multi-object near-infrared integral field spectrograph

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 8446 (2012)

R Sharples, R Bender, AA Berbel, R Bennett, N Bezawada, M Cirasuolo, P Clark, G Davidson, R Davies, R Davies, M Dubbeldam, A Fairley, G Finger, R Genzel, R Haefner, A Hess, I Lewis, D Montgomery, J Murray, B Muschielok, NF Schreiber, J Pirard, S Ramsey, P Rees, J Richter, D Robertson, I Robson, S Rolt, R Saglia, J Schlichter, M Tecza, S Todd, M Wegner, E Wiezorrek

KMOS is a multi-object near-infrared integral field spectrograph being built by a consortium of UK and German institutes. We report on the final integration and test phases of KMOS, and its performance verification, prior to commissioning on the ESO VLT later this year. © 2012 SPIE.

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