Angela Taylor

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Angela Taylor

Associate Professor

I work in the area of experimental cosmology, designing, building and using novel radio/mm telescopes. My research interests include:

* Development of new mm/radio-instrumentation
* Polarized foregrounds
* CMB instrumentation and observations
* Clusters of galaxies via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect

I am currently the PI for the C-BASS experiment and also part of the Oxford team working on the SKA, leading the development of the high-frequency (Bands 3,4,5) receivers for the SKA dish array. Past projects include the following CMB and SZ projects: CBI, VSA and AMI.

Until January 2013, I held a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship and before that a PPARC postdoctoral fellowship and a Royal Society Relocation Fellowship.

I am a tutor at St Peter's College for first year courses in Mechanics, Special Relativity, Optics, Circuits and Electromagnetism.

I am head of labs for the 1st year Electromagnetism Practical Class and supervise 4th year MPhys projects.