Angela Taylor

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Angela Taylor

Professor of Experimental Astrophysics

I work in the area of experimental cosmology and radio astronomy, designing, building and using novel radio/mm telescopes. My research interests include:

* Development of new cm/radio-instrumentation - e.g. C-BASS, SKA
* Polarized foregrounds for CMB - e.g. C-BASS, STRIP
* CMB instrumentation and observations
* International Development and Technology Transfer via Radio Astronomy
* Commercial applications of radio astronomy technology and techniques

I am currently the PI for the C-BASS experiment and lead the development of the high-frequency (Bands 3,4,5) receivers for the SKA mid-frequency dish array. I also lead two projects funded by STFC and the Newton fund for Official Development Assistance, to collaborate in the area of technology transfer with partners in Mexico. This work includes the conversion of an ex-communications antenna at Tulancingo, Mexico for use in radio astronomy, and the development of a digital spectrometer for the Large Millimeter Telescope, Mexico. I am also the Oxford lead for the project Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy [(DARA) which provides training for students in Africa.

Until January 2013, I held a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship and before that a PPARC postdoctoral fellowship and a Royal Society Relocation Fellowship.

I am head of labs for the 1st year Electromagnetism Practical Class and supervise 4th year MPhys projects.

I have previously been tutor at St Peter's College for first year courses in Mechanics, Special Relativity, Optics, Circuits and Electromagnetism.