Kristian Strommen

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Kristian Strommen

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I joined the group January 2016 as a postdoctoral research assistant to work on the PRIMAVERA project. PRIMAVERA is a European Union Horizon 2020 project which aims to develop a new generation of advanced and well-evaluated high-resolution global climate models. My work at Oxford is investigating the use of stochastic physics to improve existing models.

Prior to this post, I completed my DPhil (=Ph.D.) in Pure Mathematics at Oxford University. My thesis was titled "Galois Groups and Anabelian Reconstruction" and fell broadly under the umbrellas of number theory, more specifically anabelian geometry and valued fields.

I am a Stipendiary Lecturer (since 2014) at Pembroke College tutoring 1st and 2nd year pure mathematics.