Publications by Jirina Stone

Nuclear spins and magnetic moments of Cu71,73,75: Inversion of π2p3/2 and π1f5/2 Levels in Cu75

Physical Review Letters 103 (2009)

KT Flanagan, P Vingerhoets, M Avgoulea, J Billowes, ML Bissell, K Blaum, B Cheal, M De Rydt, VN Fedosseev, DH Forest, C Geppert, U Köster, M Kowalska, J Krämer, KL Kratz, A Krieger, E Mané, BA Marsh, T Materna, L Mathieu, PL Molkanov, R Neugart, G Neyens, W Nörtershäuser, MD Seliverstov, O Serot, M Schug, MA Sjoedin, JR Stone, NJ Stone, HH Stroke, G Tungate, DT Yordanov, YM Volkov

We report the first confirmation of the predicted inversion between the π2p3/2 and π1f5/2 nuclear states in the νg9/2 midshell. This was achieved at the ISOLDE facility, by using a combination of in-source laser spectroscopy and collinear laser spectroscopy on the ground states of Cu71,73,75, which measured the nuclear spin and magnetic moments. The obtained values are μ(Cu71)=+2.2747(8)μN, μ(Cu73)=+1.7426(8)μN, and μ(Cu75)=+1.0062(13)μN corresponding to spins I=3/2 for Cu71,73 and I=5/2 for Cu75. The results are in fair agreement with large-scale shell-model calculations. © 2009 The American Physical Society.

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