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Philip Stier

Associate Professor

I am an Associate Professor in Atmospheric Physics at the Department of Physics and a Fellow in Physics at Oriel College, University of Oxford as well as a Faculty Associate of the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment. I head the Climate Processes Group in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics of the Department of Physics at Oxford and am one of the coordinators of the Oxford Climate Research Network.

My research addresses physical climate processes in the context of anthropogenic perturbations to the earth system as the underlying cause of climate change and air pollution.

Focal points of my research are aerosol and cloud physics, their interactions and their role in the climate system. Aerosols are small liquid or solid particles suspended in air of both anthropogenic and natural origin.

I am currently focusing my research on the highly uncertain interactions between aerosols and convective clouds, made possible through a grant by the European Research Council.

Please see my research group webpage for more details: Climate Processes Group

Department of Physics

In the department I am teaching the following lectures:

C5 Physics of Atmospheres and Oceans

Section A

Lecture 1: Composition & Thermodynamics

Lecture 2: Buoyancy, Stability & Convection

Lecture 3: Warm Cloud & Aerosol Microphysics

Lecture 4: Warm Cloud & Aerosol Microphysics

Lecture 5: Cold Cloud Microphysics

Lecture 6: Cloud Morphology, Radiation & Climate

Lecture 7: Planetary Atmospheres & Summary

Graduate Lecture: Cloud Physics

Oriel College

At college I am tutoring for the following lectures:

First Year

  • CP1 Mechanics
  • CP2 Optics
  • CP2 Electromagnetism

Second Year

  • A1 Thermal Physics
  • A2 Optics

Third Year

  • B1 Fluids, Flows and Complexity
  • B3 Atmospheric Physics (no longer in curriculum)