Becky Smethurst

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Becky Smethurst

Junior Research Fellow, Christ Church

I'm a research fellow at Christ Church working to try and understand how galaxies and their central supermassive black holes evolve together. In order to do this I get the public to help out classifying galaxy shapes online with I'm currently using the SDSS-IV: MaNGA survey data to figure out if supermassive black holes can stop a galaxy from forming stars. I'm trying to prove whether this is actually happening across the observable galaxy population.

I am also a very keen science communicator and do a lot of media work. I have my own YouTube channel, Dr. Becky, where I post weekly videos on unsolved mysteries, weird objects in space and a monthly round up of space news with my usual level of enthusiasm for all things science. I was short-listed for the Institute of Physics Early Career Physics Communicator Award and was named Audience Winner of the UK National Final of the FameLab 2014 Competition.

Please see my website for more information on my research and science communication.