Publications by Adrianne Slyz

Simulating star formation and feedback on a galaxy scale

EAS PUBLICATIONS 24 (2007) 89-94

AD Slyz

This contribution discusses the challenges of implementing star formation and stellar feedback processes in galaxy simulations. Insufficient computational power and numerous poorly understood physical processes, force simulations to adopt sub-grid models of the interstellar medium. These may crucially bias results. We advocate for smaller (similar to kiloparsec) scale simulations of the interstellar medium to guide the development of sub-grid models in larger simulations. In this vein, I show results on ever increasing scales ranging from similar to 1 h(-1) kpc(3) ISM simulations, to a 1 h(-1) Mpc(3) simulation of a galaxy forming at evolved high redshift, to a larger cosmological volume, 6.25 h(-1) Mpc(3), down to redshift 3. We find that galactic winds can be powered by SN implemented as point explosions in high redshift galaxies simulated with sufficient spatial resolution. Galaxies at lower redshift require alternative sub-grid feedback models and we present one possible solution to generate winds from galaxies at redshift similar to 4.

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