Adrianne Slyz

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Adrianne Slyz

Associate Professor & Tutorial Fellow

BS Harvard, PhD Columbia.

I joined the University of Oxford and New College in 2006.

I tutor a wide range of topics, including mathematical methods, thermodynamics, and general relativity. I also lecture calculus to first year undergraduates, a short option on Numerical Methods (S31) to third year undergraduates and graduate students, and I supervise MPhys and DPhil projects.

I perform computer simulations of chunks of the expanding Universe to study the metamorphosis of gas to stars in galaxies from the cosmic dawn to the present. This involves resolving the processes crucial to galaxy formation and evolution: star formation, supernova explosions, supermassive black hole growth and jet production. The challenge is to tackle these issues while depicting in detail the cosmic web which nurtures galaxies on larger scales. My current focus is to make sense of the high redshift Universe, the epoch when galaxies seem to be forming the bulk of their stars.